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We connect creators to Web3 through the Hive blockchain.

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Hive is home to numerous social media communities where you can share and tokenize your writing, art, music, videos, podcasts and even NFTs.

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You have the potential to monetize your work while sharing your passion as part of a growing community.

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Hive has a wide ecosystem of Web3 applications. Explore and connect with those right for you.

What is Web3?

There is no single concept about Web3, but it can be described as the new era of the Internet that will allow eliminating intermediaries; giving users power and ownership over their data, identity, security and transactions. It will also enable new business models and decentralized systems backed by blockchain, where leadership will be in the hands of communities rather than centralized committees of a few people.

How Hive Creators works

 We are a space that connects creators to the Hive blockchain ecosystem through the creation of educational and easily accessible resources.

Promoting Hive

We create communication and marketing strategies with the intention of positioning Hive within the blockchain market.

We can help build brands with marketing strategies that are adapted to the Hive community.

Creating resources

Education is our priority as it will support the greater adoption of the Hive blockchain. We provide educational resources to enable people to understand and navigate Hive.

Building community

We strive to make a big impact by connecting and creating with the Hive ecosystem as the network effect is greater when the community comes together to build the future of Web3.

Applications for creators

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At the Hive Creators academy, you will find the basic and easily-accessible resources to get started on Hive.


We create educational and promotional programs focused on attracting and retaining new Hive users.

"Be part of the new generation of social media and join this new futuristic space by building on the Web3."

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Why Hive?

Explore and learn more about the Hive blockchain in a space designed for those who want to research and understand the full scope of the Hive ecosystem

Official website

On the official site you can find basic information about the Hive blockchain, such as contributors, other options to register, ecosystem applications and more.

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This Hive Creators website is created by members of the Hive community and has no direct bearing on the major decisions made within the Hive blockchain, being a decentralized platform. Any action you take on this website is at your own risk, we offer no warranty. We are an autonomous and decentralized organization that promotes the use of the Hive blockchain, through marketing and communication strategies.